How to recover from chronic stress or burnout?

How to recover from chronic stress or burnout?

When you find out that you’re suffering from chronic stress or burnout, there’s only one thing you want: to get back to a nice, stress-free life, right? But how do you do that? Well, not by taking time off of work and sitting on the sofa waiting for it to go away. We’ll explain how recovery from burnout works on this page.

I think I have chronic stress or a burnout, what should I do?

Well, recovering from chronic stress or a burnout isn’t simple. Most people incorrectly think that it disappears on its own if they take some time off of work and relax on the sofa. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Your body is indeed perfectly capable of healing itself from CHRONIC STRESS or BURNOUT but will only do that if you meet the Conditions for Recovery.

What are the Requirements for Recovery?

You can best compare this to breaking your leg. If you break your leg but don’t go to the hospital and just get on with your life for better or worse, your leg either won’t or will very slowly heal. Therefore, most people go to the hospital, where the doctors will put it in a cast, give them crutches and tell them not to walk on that leg for six weeks: the requierements for recovery.

It works in the exact same way for chronic stress or burnout. Therefore, you recover faster if you know what you’re doing, if you have a Plan.

Is such a Plan what I get here?

Yes. Camp Burnout is an online, step-by-step recovery program that helps you to get your nice, stress-free life back.

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If you go through your recovery here, your 5-step plan will look like this:

Step 1: Learn how to meet the Requirements for Recovery

Just as the body will only heal a broken bone when it’s been set in a cast and you walk with crutches, the body will only start to recover from chronic stress/burnout when you meet the Requirements for Recovery. The three Requirements for Recovery ‘unlock’ as it were your body’s internal healing processes. If you don’t unlock your recovery, you could spend a year sitting on the sofa waiting for it while nothing happens.

Step 2: Learn to create the best Conditions for recovery

One of the best ways to make your recovery more effective (and thus shorter) is by creating the best conditions for recovery. You do that by following a set of temporary life rules. We’ll teach you how to create those conditions in the program. You maybe have to accept a few things for a short while, but if you keep to this set of life rules, you’ll see your recovery time significantly shorten.

Step 3: Restore the relationship between body and mind

You maybe don’t realize it, but your body is both exhausted and pretty angry at your brain. The disruption of this relationship is causing the majority of your problems at the moment (anxiety, physical pain, feeling down, losing control and much more). In the program, you will learn exactly how you can restore this relationship using simple meditation/mindfulness techniques.

Step 4: Change your destructive views and habits

You maybe know that your destructive habits, such as perfection, a need for control and over-responsibility have resulted in you getting chronic stress or a burnout. But what you maybe don’t know is that your habits can also sabotage your recovery process, meaning that it can take much longer than needed and that there’s a constant risk of setbacks. So, one of the best ways to recover more efficiently and sustainably is by changing your destructive habits and views. In the program, you will learn a simple way to confront and alter your views, which will lead to your habits following in turn.

Step 5: Reintegrate quickly and efficiently

Reintegrating after chronic stress/burnout doesn’t mean going back to your ‘old life’. It means starting a new life. Throughout this step, we’ll help you to do this successfully while at the same time helping you to become an ‘ex-patient’. You’ll discover how you can leave your limitations behind you, give your self-confidence a boost, and learn how to trust your body and mind again.

Do I also have to follow a program with a psychologist/therapist?

A psychologist/therapist and Camp Burnout do two different things. Camp Burnout is a step-by-step recovery program where you get all sorts of lessons and exercises to help you recover along the way. A psychologist, however, is useful to consult periodically about any personal issues that you’ve come across during your recovery. You can therefore use both alongside each other very well. It’s also important to remember that only a doctor or certified psychologist can establish your chronic stress or burnout diagnosis as well as rule out any other potential underlying conditions before you start the recovery process for chronic stress or burnout. We therefore always strongly advise you to get a diagnosis from a medical specialist.

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