I feel tired or anxious when I wake up

My work (or other daily activity) results in anxiety or panic for me

I feel down for no reason and wonder why I can’t just feel ‘fine’

I’m more forgetful than normal

I’m quickly irritated or angry

I avoid or cancel social activities more often

I experience more problems with sleep than normal

I notice that I’m more often sick, as though my body is breaking down

I get into conflict with other people in one way or another more often

I notice that I use alcohol, caffeine or other stimulating/sedating substances more than normal

Work tasks feel like a checkbox on a ‘to-do’ list more often than normal

I feel as though I work hard but get little for it

My work and/or the people there frustrate me more than normal

I’m no longer interested in my work

I often think ‘what’s happening to me?’

When at home, I really struggle to relax

I suffer more from muscle pain than normal

Feeling relaxed or ‘fine’ is getting more difficult

It feels like I no longer have control over what’s going on with me (and my life)

I have the feeling that I want to put my life on ‘pause’ in one way or another

I feel more anxious more often than normal

This is your test result:
It seems that you are NOT overworked and have NO burnout
It seems that you have not have enough confirmations that indicate that you are overworked or have a burnout. If you still suspect that this is going on, don't hesitate to make an appointment with a specialist. With overstress and burnout, it is always better to prevent than to cure. Good luck.
It seems that there is a good chance that you have chronic stress
As it seems now, there is a good chance that you are overworked, or are getting overworked. This is something you should take very seriously. Untreated chronic stress can quickly worsen and/or lead to a burnout. If it turns out that you are overworked, it is smart to start a recovery program and/or therapy as soon as possible. Camp Burnout is built to serve as your "guide", to come back from stress to a nice, relaxed life. Always have your official diagnosis made by a doctor or medical specialist.
It seems that there is a good chance that you have a burnout or chronic stress
As it seems like, you've ticked a lot of boxes that we generally think of as indicators of chronic stress or burnout. You need to take this extremely seriously, as an untreated over-stress or burnout can worsen. When the situation worsens, you only extend the necessary recovery time, and that is a shame. Fortunately, there is no need for the man, since almost everyone can fully recover from chronic stress or burnout, and the symptoms you ticked can all disappear again. Therefore, start your recovery program and/or therapy as soon as possible. But again: don't panic. There are millions of people who have been in exactly the same situation, but have also come out of it. Step 1 is to recognize that something is wrong with you, and that now is the time for you to choose yourself and start recovering. (And so have a doctor or licensed psychologist make an official diagnosis to rule out any other (underlying) conditions!)